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Beaming you sights and sounds from the streets and environs of Portland, Oregon. Or wherever else I happen to be.

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(viewed 893 times)
11th Dec 2007, 22:41   comments (6)

Inaction figures

(viewed 2486 times)
10th Dec 2007, 22:32   comments (16)

Yeah, it's come to that.

(viewed 933 times)

8th Dec 2007, 01:59   comments (3)

God needs Visine this morning

(viewed 858 times)

6th Dec 2007, 14:41   comments (3)

Box Lunch

(viewed 899 times)
I don't like to be surprised when I open up a box of leftovers, so I draw or write on the box to remind me what's inside.

5th Dec 2007, 17:14   comments (10)

Hot Diamonds on the hoof

(viewed 914 times)
I don't know about you, but I can smell De Beers' desperation just pouring off of this shabby old truck...

5th Dec 2007, 16:41   comments (0)

Self-Promotional: "Judge Floro" article published at TheFootnote.net

(viewed 1015 times)
The editing staff, while working hard to slim this monster down a few hundred words, introduced a typo in the first paragraph and, further towards the end, "corrected" the spelling of lwa to law, which, if you look at it in terms I'm likely to utter was an honest mistake, though I did indeed intend to refer to the spirits/gods of the Voudoun religion. Any further errors—of syntax, word usage, judgment, etc.—are strictly my own.

The article is here, at TheFootnote.net.

2nd Dec 2007, 15:07   comments (8)

Just look at all that ... pain.

(viewed 810 times)

1st Dec 2007, 03:44   comments (2)