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An afternoon of culture at the auto shop

(viewed 707 times)

3rd Nov 2007, 18:59   comments (5)

Can you draw this Pirate, er, Bear, er, Pirate Bear?

(viewed 990 times)
31st Oct 2007, 21:26   comments (0)

Foo-Foo wears da bling

(viewed 614 times)
31st Oct 2007, 21:25   comments (0)

Finch sings.

(viewed 856 times)
Juliana Finch at the Crimson Moon in Dahlonega, GA. Not that I'm
there to see her. Tonight is the night for pixel-pong.

28th Oct 2007, 02:00   comments (0)

Sweat on the shelf

(viewed 948 times)

That's my book. Like, on a shelf where people can, like, see it and buy it and shit. Next to works by other actual authors.

It's a comics shop in Baltimore, but, hey, it's a REAL comics shop in Baltimore and not some bookstore I made up and shit.


27th Oct 2007, 22:08   comments (4)

For some of us, Halloween just means we can wear our usual uniforms in public.

(viewed 1285 times)
26th Oct 2007, 16:05   comments (29)


(viewed 735 times)

Video experiment. video-0009.mpeg

24th Oct 2007, 02:36   comments (0)

Second-hand holiness

(viewed 704 times)
Forwarded from the wife, as I am unable to attend.

22nd Oct 2007, 22:13   comments (2)