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Through the fronds

(viewed 883 times)
11th May 2008, 20:09   comments (0)

'Ware of the Roses

(viewed 769 times)
Thorniest roses ever. Covered in thousands of needles, like a thistle that really means it.

10th May 2008, 15:35   comments (12)

Under threat, relocated

(viewed 658 times)
5th May 2008, 03:32   comments (8)

Two-story weed

(viewed 782 times)
It's pretty though. Identification help?

28th Apr 2008, 14:09   comments (2)

ID Week for Nige: 2014 can't get here soon enough

(viewed 872 times)
Somewhere I have IDs that are substantially older than this one--which is still valid (thus the redaction of document control numbers and personal info). Too bad I can't find them today. Unarchiving will have to wait until the garage-cleaning project has progressed a bit further.

None of those pictures, however, are as screamingly funny as this one. I developed this look specifically to tell the 2004 US State Department exactly what I thought of them. They didn't even flinch, so far as I know.


26th Apr 2008, 19:48   | tags:comments (15)

Right where I'm sitting now

(viewed 778 times)
26th Apr 2008, 03:21   comments (7)

Old World roses

(viewed 919 times)
Three with the hand-held plastic lenses, one without. Dig the prismatic effects at the edges of the shapes.

It's a shame I can't post the amazing fragrances. You can grab it by the handful out of the air and rub it on your skin.

26th Apr 2008, 02:40   comments (0)

Unsure about these roses

(viewed 710 times)
Fresnel "macro lens" again, shot into the sun a bit for that weird ghostly all-over flare....

I'm not sure what that cobwebby effect is in the top shot.

25th Apr 2008, 16:35   comments (0)