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Sloss Foundry #2: Buildings & Plumbing

30th Mar 2008, 22:54   comments (1)

Sloss Foundry #1: Towers

I'm sure I've played a video game set here. Half-Life? Myst?

30th Mar 2008, 22:49   comments (2)

Museum fatigue

(viewed 752 times)
Last of the museum series. Moblog-UK has a limit of ten images per post. I
keep forgetting.

30th Mar 2008, 18:19   comments (4)

Birmingham (AL,USA) Museum of Art

Important copyrightish info: I promised the museum I wouldn't publish these for money or use them for any way other than for personal use, which, to me, means sharing them with my friends and a few other innocent bystanders, who can turn around and share them with their friends, etc. Non-commercial uses only, and tell people that the images here were taken at the Birmingham (AL, USA) museum, where they can go and experience these beautiful things firsthand.

30th Mar 2008, 18:07   comments (0)

Apple Leopard Quicklook PC Server icon features BSOD

(viewed 2032 times)
That's just unneighborly.
30th Mar 2008, 17:20   comments (1)

At the Galleria Mall in Birmingham AL USA

(viewed 4779 times)
30th Mar 2008, 16:29   comments (3)

Wynfrey "Smoke Free Lobby" Award ashtray

(viewed 676 times)
30th Mar 2008, 15:37   comments (1)

Blues in the pot

(viewed 611 times)
Excerpted from the wallpaper at a Popeye's chicken joint.
30th Mar 2008, 15:33   comments (0)