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I owe someone a big sloppy kiss.

(viewed 910 times)
This was in an anonymous package waiting for me when I got home tonight.

A quarter-kilo of fine herb, and no sign of a trap to go with the bait!

Thank you so much!

3rd Mar 2009, 05:23   comments (8)

Not an image we get very often. In Atlanta. In March.

(viewed 732 times)
1st Mar 2009, 23:55   comments (5)

Norman Rockwell moment - Lightening Up

(viewed 2364 times)
15th Feb 2009, 01:21   comments (3)

What your doodles say about you

(viewed 963 times)
1) You're a pretentious bastard that bought a cartridge-refillable brush pen from a company whose name you can't spell or pronounce. And you can't write in any language that requires it.

2) You're out of tequila.

3) Possibly a single shot of tequila is too much for you, especially on six hours of site-hacking fueled more by chemicals than nutrients.

4) The demon you just invoked is on its way. Expecting payment.

5) It's gonna be a long night.

9th Feb 2009, 00:45   comments (2)

Shadow story

(viewed 847 times)
7th Feb 2009, 23:14   comments (0)

Half a clap

(viewed 901 times)
3rd Feb 2009, 03:19   comments (3)

What I looked like today

(viewed 1336 times)
Apparently I just need a tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows. And a pipe.

Oh, wait. I have a pipe.

1st Feb 2009, 06:12   comments (10)

Ringing the Anvil

(viewed 759 times)
Flensed from the bone
Of the weekend's labors
Two pints of the
"Starving Artists Special"
Don't even make a dent
You could bend
Horseshoes around the
Muscles in my neck and shoulders
Not to mention the
Titanium anvil of my
Tomorrow starts too early
To consider a third pint
So let's just call today
A write-off
And prepare to start tomorrow
On the wrong foot
With teeth and fists clenched
Trailing a hook in the gray water
For surprises.

26th Jan 2009, 04:14   comments (0)