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Beaming you sights and sounds from the streets and environs of Portland, Oregon. Or wherever else I happen to be.

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Decatur Cemetery, temporary resident

(viewed 932 times)
Mrs. C---- here has only been here a couple of months and still needs nightlights. Not committed to staying, it seems. The cross she has for a marker has written on it that she's awaiting resurrection.

Best of luck, Mrs. C----.
19th Nov 2009, 00:26   comments (5)

Biggie Oil & friend

(viewed 1067 times)
I'm the one in the Texaco smock and the bling. I really don't know who the guy in the gas mask is. He just walked up and put his chin on my shoulder, possibly to stare at a companion.

1st Nov 2009, 14:28   comments (6)

Like a claw coming over the horizon

(viewed 793 times)
(but in a good way.)

31st Oct 2009, 02:21   comments (4)

Bumblebee slumberyard

(viewed 924 times)
14th Oct 2009, 02:02   comments (7)

Giant fried bug sammich, revisited

(viewed 1110 times)
12th Oct 2009, 03:45   comments (9)

Today's Uniform: mild fever

(viewed 826 times)
11th Oct 2009, 03:20   comments (3)

Zombie Symposium: now in web syndication

(viewed 935 times)
...on the cheap from this post in my not-very-active-either wordy-blog.
I'd warn that this was a more than three hour long presentation, but I
expect that Moblog is rife with people who do not have the typical
American attention span problem.

Even so, it's broken up into convenient bite-sized (45-minutes or so?)
bits so you better accommodate your Zombie Culture and Education needs.

And here's the link: http://www.ngc2632.com/blog/?p=246

Share and enjoy!

3rd Oct 2009, 03:59   comments (12)

Tiny army

(viewed 1036 times)
30th Sep 2009, 00:33   comments (0)