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Beaming you sights and sounds from the streets of Manhattan. Or wherever else I happen to be.

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The most pretentious cigarette in the world...

(viewed 1410 times)
...just got more pretentious.

(That's a Nat Sherman Black & Gold in a meerschaum holder.)

30th Oct 2010, 18:34   comments (6)

Trick or Treat

(viewed 548 times)
Apparently we have only one piece of candy to give away to visiting costumed children this Hallowe'en, but it weighs three pounds.

29th Oct 2010, 23:27   comments (3)

Rough rider

(viewed 1113 times)
28th Oct 2010, 04:18   comments (6)

Bucky Balls™ magnetic toy

(viewed 682 times)
Hollow icosahedron with stand, 216 balls (full set).

26th Oct 2010, 04:06   comments (4)

Dissection of a childhood

(viewed 523 times)
24th Oct 2010, 07:04   comments (0)

New ticker

(viewed 554 times)
22nd Oct 2010, 21:01   comments (2)

It's come to this.

(viewed 517 times)
Yes, that's the "y" key it's standing on. Yes, that means I'm in the middle of a linux system administrator nightmare.

21st Oct 2010, 15:50   comments (5)

Today's Uniform

(viewed 578 times)
Been awhile since my last ego shot.
19th Oct 2010, 19:17   comments (10)