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Beaming you sights and sounds from the streets and environs of Portland, Oregon. Or wherever else I happen to be.

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American Museum of Natural History

(viewed 590 times)
17th Feb 2011, 22:53   comments (1)

Zombiesque, autographed!

(viewed 800 times)
... drip ... drip ... drip ...

4th Feb 2011, 14:30   comments (3)

New digs, nearly complete

17th Jan 2011, 03:46   comments (9)

No escape

(viewed 695 times)
12th Jan 2011, 14:25   comments (1)

The Sign of the Plough

(viewed 961 times)
This is the sign. The sign of the Plough. There is no plough, or any depiction of a plough, but this is its sign. It says so.

Also it's just screwed to the wall in some basement hallway. In the middle of a wall with no door.

11th Jan 2011, 21:09   comments (2)

The view from where I'm lying on the floor

(viewed 961 times)
10th Jan 2011, 15:29   comments (4)

Snow, from Morningside Heights

7th Jan 2011, 17:22   comments (4)

Finally caught up with my contributor's copy

(viewed 1434 times)
"Falling Out" by Laszlo Xalieri, pp. 251-253, _Fish_Drink_Like_Us_, ©2006 Pretend Genius Press, New York, New York, USA ISBN 0-9778526-1-X
4th Jan 2011, 05:32   comments (9)