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Beaming you sights and sounds from the streets and environs of Portland, Oregon. Or wherever else I happen to be.

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God Damned Fairies

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Someone call Charles DeLint.
12th Sep 2005, 14:21   comments (0)


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12th Sep 2005, 14:13   comments (1)

Metaphor for a simile

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10th Sep 2005, 21:33   comments (0)

You guessed it!

(viewed 519 times)
Actually it was a Supreme Court Justice, but "zombie" was close enough. [*]
7th Sep 2005, 20:24   comments (0)

Got bug?

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Not feeling great. Finally got word from my niece and her family--they have water and power, but spotty long distance phone service. Mom has a consultation with a neurosurgeon tomorrow about fixing her sciatic nerve. And I still haven't heard back from that promising place I interviewed with three weeks ago. Last I heard, they were revising the job description of the position I applied for.
But I was still in the running. If day-joblessness continues, I may get to be in the running for Best Writer Slinging Boxes At Home Depot, which I find particularly thrilling. Oh, and my country is still terminally fucked up. I'd be better at getting my ducks in a row if I had more than one sickly damn duck. Oh, and the only internet I'm getting is this WAP shit through a three-year-old phone. [*]
7th Sep 2005, 17:35   comments (0)

Best of all, it smells like Sharpie

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3rd Sep 2005, 22:19   comments (5)

Heidi cracks up

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3rd Sep 2005, 18:13   comments (3)

Courtney blur

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3rd Sep 2005, 18:10   comments (0)