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Whispers on water - a photo journal of our life on the 'cut' dedicated to keeping family and friends informed of our whereabouts.

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Posing Poppies

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4th Jun 2011, 17:37   comments (0)

Heron Roost Mooring

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We're moored in a deep cutting bathed in sunlight just south of Tring.
3rd Jun 2011, 10:38   comments (1)

My Passion for Angling at its Best

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I caught and released this Mirror Carp unharmed when it graced the net on Sunday. This was one of two big 'mirrors' caught using a 10' foot carp rod and centre-pin reel loaded with 8lb line to present a sliding-float ledgered bait, during a week of catching predominantly 'common' carp, including the beauty in the second photo.
31st May 2011, 23:18   comments (1)

Power from the Sun

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1. Solar panels fixed to a cut-down pallet and wired directly to the batteries.

I mounted a solar panel 'array' on the roof of the boat two weeks ago to help charge the domestic battery system. It has since proved to be so efficient that the 12v system, Fridge, water pump, radio and lights can now run 24/7 whilst being charged by the panels during the day. This has already reduced our generator running costs considerably as I preferred to charge the batteries with a stand-alone generator rather than run the engine when we've been moored. So our little experiment has proven to be a great success and all for £99.98 at Maplin's.
31st May 2011, 22:40   comments (1)

Rural Links

1. We desperately need some rain.
2. Daisies bathe in the warmth of a gentle south westerly breeze.
3. A view from Wilstone Reservoir's hide.
4. Restoring the Wendover canal bed.
5. The navigable link at Tring.

I headed south from where we're moored at Puttenham Top Lock walking across tangled-hedged fields to the Wendover Canal, passing along the west side of Wilstone Reservoir on the way out and its east side on the way home. Much of the once abandoned Wendover Canal is dry although great effort is underway to restore the long ago de-watered stretch between Tring and Wendover (apparently it leaked like a sieve such that at times the canal flowed in the opposite direction to what it should due to the amount of water being lost).

It was interesting to see and appreciate signs of work-in-progress to restore the canal bed and where, at Little Tring, it will eventually be reconnected to the navigable section joining it to the Grand Union Canal.
23rd May 2011, 19:42   comments (1)

Guests for Lunch!

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Photo: (l-r) Ginny, Martin and Brenda.

We had the pleasure of Martin and Brenda's company for Sunday lunch yesterday and then just whiled away the afternoon in idle conversation. A beautiful day too despite the blustery conditions and odd spot of rain.
23rd May 2011, 18:18   comments (0)

Just a Mention

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I took this photo, which I thought I'd accidentally deleted, of the Mitchell family crewing narrowboat 'Oregon' as they exited Puttenham Top Lock at the beginning of May, with the intention of posting it here to thank them for taking aboard an overflowing refuse bag of litter I was carrying and disposing of it at Marsworth Junction a further 1.5 miles away. So here it is and thank-you very much for your help.
23rd May 2011, 12:41   comments (0)

The Rise to Wilstone

1. Wild flowers dot the towpath.
2. A bridge glows in the evening sunlight.
3. Reed beds narrow the canal.
4. Ginny can just be seen behind the swaying reed stems.
5. Bearbrook.

We locked up to Puttenham yesterday having spent two nights moored just northeast of Broughton, which is Saxon for 'farm by a brook'; in this case Bearbrook.

It's beautiful roundabout here, with Red Kites soaring above and carp leaping from the water below as the warmth of the spring sun heralds the imminent arrival of summer.

Me thinks we'll stay a few days!
20th May 2011, 11:47   comments (0)