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Whispers on water - a photo journal of our life on the 'cut' dedicated to keeping family and friends informed of our whereabouts.

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The Wonder of Glow-Worms

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Photos from last night:
1. This is the segmented bright yellow light from the female glow-worm photographed with a BlackBerry Bold on the close-up setting.
2. This is the female in exactly the same position illuminated by a flash.

I managed to catch this image of a female glow-worm (relative of the tropical 'firefly', a name I much prefer) at around midnight last night. These were a common sight way-back-when, so much so that you could apparently read by the light they emitted. This is something I can vouch for as I remember being surrounded by them while camping in the hills above Bath, 40 plus years ago.

These glow-worms are literally in the grass on our doorstep about six feet from the bow of the boat. I walked the towpath last night to see if I could find more, but it seems I've been lucky enough to come across the only visible colony here. I also saw a male, attracted by her light, flying in to seek her out. The females don't have wings and the males don't emit light.

They are an amazing sight and last night this very bright adult female was surrounded by smaller pin-pricks of light that I can only assume were juveniles as they are difficult to find amongst the grass with a torch without disturbing them. The photos show the female displaying in complete darkness and then illuminated with a flash.
1st Aug 2011, 12:23   comments (2)

A True Liveaboard

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Stretching the capability of my phone camera somewhat, I just managed to captures this terrapin basking in the sun. This one is about the size of a tea plate but I have seen larger.

I stepped off the boat last night to see a lone female glow worm lighting up the grass immediately surrounding her for all she was worth, in an attempt to attract a mate. An amazing sight that emoted a warm feeling much like the old Disney animation of the glow of a candle.
30th Jul 2011, 12:39   comments (0)

Ummmm! Delicious

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28th Jul 2011, 17:19   comments (2)

Denham Lock

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Denham Locks new floating dry dock receives its first customer.
28th Jul 2011, 17:09   comments (3)

Canal Boat Radio

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Go to Channel 16 UK on any CB radio to join in and get the ball rolling, or go to to find out more. What a great way to communicate with each other along the cut.
28th Jul 2011, 14:15   comments (1)

Yesterday Comes to a Close

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20th Jul 2011, 16:30   comments (2)

A Jurassic Wishbone?

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20th Jul 2011, 16:14   comments (3)

Here she be!

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Moored below Denham Deep lock
19th Jul 2011, 13:49   comments (2)