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Whispers on water - a photo journal of our life on the 'cut' dedicated to keeping family and friends informed of our whereabouts.

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All Hallows' Eve

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Wilvir's Jack-o-Lantern awaits nightfall to ward off and placate roaming sprites and evil spirits who might otherwise 'fiddle' with our property as darkness falls across the 'cut'.
31st Oct 2011, 12:18   comments (3)

Old Friends

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30th Oct 2011, 18:21   comments (5)


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The wood-burner is glowing in the corner and slow-cooking a beef stew that is beginning to permeate the boat with mouthwatering seductiveness.
27th Oct 2011, 11:35   comments (0)

Bollington - a Jewel reflecting our past glories and industrial history.

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1. A view from the Middlewood Way viaduct that dominates the skyline above Bollington and the Dane River.
2. Crossing the viaduct from the Marple end.
3. A Middlewood Way mile marker.
4. Typical of the footpath running along the old railway line embankment parallel to the Middlewood Way proper, which you can just make out through the trees to the right.

Yesterday afternoon we moored just north of the small town of Bollington, which nestles below an aqueduct, carrying the canal over the River Dane valley and a disused railway viaduct that now connects the Middlewood Way, a ten mile footpath between Macclesfield and Marple. We're only one mile from the boundary of the Peak District National Park.

Having not been this way for three years it's good to be back as we love the views, the walks and the feeling of permanence forged by Bollington's past industrial heritage and the craftsmanship in the stonework of its historical homes and businesses.

For more info go to:
25th Oct 2011, 11:27   comments (0)

On the Move!

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1. Sunset over Danes Moss last evening.
2. Treetops overlooking the moss.
3. Sunrise at Broadhurst Swing Bridge. A footpath from here leads west, over a railway bridge, to Danes Moss.
4. Our home for the past six days.

We left Danes Moss this morning, heading for Bollington, a small town three miles north of Macclesfield.
24th Oct 2011, 19:14   comments (0)

Another Perfect Day Ends

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Today was a repeat of much of yesterday, interspersed with rain and hail showers giving way to a beautifully crisp and sunny autumnal end to the day rounded off by a walk along the edge of a wood.

The raucous sound of rooks whirling in the darkening sky as they again returned in their hundreds to roost in the trees nearby is a welcoming sign that all is well in our world as I hope it is in yours.

It's now 8pm here and I've just been outside to find frost on the boat - and I'm still in shorts!
19th Oct 2011, 20:15   comments (4)

Rain, rain, go away........

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To late. The rain is now upon us!
18th Oct 2011, 12:03   comments (3)

A Windswept Wander

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1. Dane Moss.
2. The main footpath through the peat bog.
3. The enveloping canopy.
4. A grey windswept nightfall.

Today we motored a few short miles to moor at Danes Moss just north of the Broadhurst Swing-Bridge.

As dusk approached me and Gunner ventured out for a walk across the moss with the threat of rain in the air under leaden skies and a freshening SW wind.

The birch trees were frantically waving at us as we emerged from the trees into the strong gusting wind on the western side of the moss where, since our last visit three years ago, a good many acres of trees have been cleared to allow the peat bog to re-establish itself and the moss to grow back to albut obscure the wet ground beneath. The raised boardwalk is still as firm as I remember it and makes for comfortable walking as it snakes over and around the myriad of water-filled drainage ditches, ponds and moist peat.

We continued diagonally across the moss as the boardwalk gave way to footpaths, heralding firmer ground underfoot, and continued through tree-lined fields until we came to a lane where we turned to make our way back to the boat with only a slight diversion from our original path as we passed this time through the centre of Danes Moss.

By now the wind was causing havoc amongst the branches with rooks by the score wheeling and calling to each other in the chaos as they sought to find a roost for the night. Darkness had rapidly gained the upper-hand by the time we arrived back at the boat with the aroma of wood-smoke on the wind, a light to welcome us home by, a warming coffee for me and a biscuit treat for Gunner.
17th Oct 2011, 23:51   comments (3)