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Whispers on water - a photo journal of our life on the 'cut' dedicated to keeping family and friends informed of our whereabouts.

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The Wonder That is Marple Aqueduct

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End to end, in the middle and underneath as it rises majestically 100' above the River Goyt.
19th Mar 2012, 17:35   comments (6)

Friends and Treats

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1. Amongst other things, Martin and Brenda came bearing the gift of a 'Tower of Treats'.
2. Brenda and Martin overlooking the Torrs Gorge at New Mills.
3. Brenda with a 'Buxton' cream tea!

Last weekend our friends Martin and Brenda made the three and a half hour journey to spend Saturday with us. They then stayed at a B&B; overnight and returned home the next day, stopping off at New Mills to visit the Torrs Gorge and the delights of Buxton.

We had a great time together and enjoyed a roast dinner with the usual accompaniment of cake, chocolate, more cake, tea, green tea, coffee, pear cider, real ale and smiles all round. A proper catch-up!

We eventually reluctantly left the cosy warmth of 'wilvir' at about 10pm to say our goodbyes and part company at their car, parked in the darkness of a nearby country lane. All four of us were chuffed to bits with the day we'd had and looking forward to our next get together, which is planned for a long weekend stay-over and cruise on the River Weaver in the summer.
16th Mar 2012, 13:47   comments (1)

A 214' Descent

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1. Moored below the Marple flight.
2. Beneath Marple Aqueduct.

We left Hawk Green on the Macclesfield Canal for Marple Junction, where we serviced the boat and grabbed some last minute shopping, before turning onto the Upper Peak Forest and working our way down the 16 locks of the Marple Flight.

The scenery is stunning as you descend into the River Goyt Valley and pass over the river on the Marple Aqueduct running alongside the railway viaduct.

The paddle gear on all the bottom lock gates was very difficult to operate; and that is saying something when Ginny has to call on my help, which is virtually unheard of. The evidence of rust and lack of maintenance over the winter months is inexcusable really. The result is extra force having to be applied to raise and lower the paddles. The stiction is that bad the paddles don't even fall under their own weight making the safety latch dangerously superfluous if the paddle does decide to suddenly drop. The knock-on effect will be wear and damage to the paddle gear with unscheduled maintenance stoppages as the season progresses. The undue force needed to turn the paddle gear with a windlass is an accident waiting to happen to the less experienced.
14th Mar 2012, 19:07   comments (5)

Ditch and Pond Life

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These shallow ditches and ponds are a haven for all sort of natural wonders as spring approaches; notably frog spawn, flag iris, fragile water plants and bird drinks. In the warmer weather grass snakes, fish, newts, lizards, hedgehogs, bathing birds and a myriad of insect life depend on these thirst quenching sanctuaries. These were the stuff of childhood wonderment and similar wetland taught me a lot about nature. Please try not to disturb.
7th Mar 2012, 12:51   comments (1)

Go Sun Go!

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I just love the big sky view to the west from where I took these shots. Stunning colours. The cloud shot (with the pylon)reminds me of some of the memorable big skies I've seen in other parts of the world.
5th Mar 2012, 18:10   comments (3)

Asking a Bit Much....

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A bit of a stretch for a phone camera but here is a Nuthatch that has been visiting our feeders the past few days.
4th Mar 2012, 11:37   comments (2)

Frog Spawn Soup!

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Where there was none yesterday, this morning frogs have been busy populating this small pond adjacent to a footpath and laying a buoyant mat of eggs. They were still spawning as I took the photo. Time to ready a jam jar.
2nd Mar 2012, 12:03   comments (2)

Please Sir Can I.............?

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2nd Mar 2012, 09:09   comments (0)