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Whispers on water - a photo journal of our life on the 'cut' dedicated to keeping family and friends informed of our whereabouts.

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Leaving Liverpool Behind - Our Journey Continues

1. With Victoria Clock Tower in the background and having passed through Salisbury and Collingwood Docks we are now in Stanley Dock with the Tobacco Warehouse on the left.
2. Working up the Stanley Lock Flight onto the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.
3. Leigh Bridge.
4. A close-up of the Leigh Bridge commemorative plaque.
5. Open country once again.
12th May 2012, 20:22   comments (0)

Leaving Liverpool (2)

1. Entering Museum of Liverpool Tunnel with NB Val ahead of us.
2. Exiting the Liverpool Museum tunnel.
3. Having passed through the Cunard Tunnel we entered the St Nicholas Tunnel. Overlooked by the Royal Liver Building and Cunard Building (a statue of Edward VII sits above the tunnel opposite the Pier Head).
4. Princes Dock Lock with the BW staff working us through.
5. Passing through the Central Dock Channel and leaving the city behind.
6. Approaching Victoria Clock Tower.
12th May 2012, 19:31   comments (0)

Leaving Liverpool (1)

1. Ready for the Off.
2. Entering Albert Dock.
3. Holding for Canning Dock tide gate to open.
4. Sea goers in Albert Dock.
5. Holding in Canning Dock waiting to enter Mann Island Lock.
6. Mann Island Lock.
12th May 2012, 19:29   comments (1)

Even More Liverpool Memories

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1/2. The Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool. Building began in 1933 and completed in 1967.
3. The Anglican Liverpool Cathedral. Building began in 1904 and completed in 1978.

I don't know what possessed the catholics to accept Frederick Gibberd's concrete edifice as their 'mother church' for northern England other than a vain glorious attempt to out-modernise themselves? Known locally as 'Paddy's Wigwam', it's easy to imagine it housing Thunderbird 3 or home to a nuclear missile silo. The architectural design and fascia materials used to construct the cathedral are, in my opinion, just plain wrong. Unless it really does house Thunderbird 3. Then, wow!

Beneath the Cathedral is Sir Edward Lutyens designed brick lined crypt. A marvel of retro-design, but still a waste of space much like the edifice that sits atop it.

On the other hand, just down the road and as described by its own literature, 'Visit Britain's biggest Cathedral - the largest Anglican Cathedral in Europe and fifth largest in the world! Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's awesome 20th century masterpiece with its staggering architecture will make your jaw drop'. And they're not wrong. It is stunning.

However, both are 'follies in my opinion and, disappointingly, simply showpieces of misplaced religious fervour and grandstanding on a scale that shames common sense and decency. Although free at the point of entry, they have the audacity to charge to see the 'attractions'.

I am not religious in the ways the established church of any denomination would have me be, but I love small traditional parish churches for reflecting local traditions, craftsmanship, family continuity and a sense of community that is sadly fading all to fast these days. Churches are places for quiet thought and contemplation, of family, of life, peace, and often sanctuary from the travails of everyday life. They are not for thoughts and acts of ostentatious gratification, corruption, greed, incestuous or abusive behaviour, which continue to mock, ridicule and defile the loyalty and faith of ordinary honest parishioners. So no I'm not a religious conformist.
7th May 2012, 18:41   comments (1)

Salthouse Dock at Night

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1. A Titanic projection.
2. The Echo Wheel of Liverpool.

The view from 'wilvir'.
7th May 2012, 10:37   comments (9)

More Memories of Liverpool

1. Your havin a laugh!
2. Liverpool Maritime Museum with the Pump House chimney to the left of the picture.
3. China Town.
4. Where are we?
5. The mighty 'Mersey'!
7th May 2012, 10:25   comments (0)

Memories of Liverpool

1. 'The Three Graces'.
2. The Royal Liver Building and Cunard Building.
3. The Port of Liverpool Building.
4. Albert Dock.
5. Done Cruisin, start boozin! (Helen and Jim)
7th May 2012, 10:04   comments (0)

Looking Back (The Liverpool Canal Link)

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Photos (courtesy of our friend Helen):
1. Soaking wet.
2. Turning past Victoria Clock Tower on the waterfront.
3. Entering the city waterfront
4. Passing in front of the Royal Liver Building.

The Liverpool Canal Link that brings you down the locks and along the waterfront into Salthouse Dock is a reminder of how significant our sea-faring heritage is and our shipbuilding dominance once was. For me, seeing the dock area and the majesty of the 'Three Graces' for the first time, coupled with the old and new architecture, makes for a gem of a city.
7th May 2012, 09:25   comments (0)