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Whispers on water - a photo journal of our life on the 'cut' dedicated to keeping family and friends informed of our whereabouts.

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When The Sun Shines...

Moored: T&M; B212-B211
1. Above Dutton Lock.
2. Dutton Viaduct Crossing the River Weaver.
3/4. Delamere Way footbridge.
5. The River Weaver upstream of Dutton Lock.
6. A River Weaver hulk.

A few days back we moored on the canal contour above the River Weaver valley to enjoy a few days of fine weather and even finer walks down to and along the river.

I also caught some fine little roach here on pinched bread, but there seems to be a scarcity of fish that cause the pulse to race as the float dips and the rod bends to the challenge of a spirited adversary. There are tales of a lot of fish being taken for the 'pot' by eastern europeans. A sad end for the specimen fish that once inhabited these waters.
5th Jul 2012, 19:01   comments (6)

'If You Go Down to The Woods Today.............?'

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29th Jun 2012, 19:51   comments (2)

This'll Do Us

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25th Jun 2012, 23:44   comments (0)


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I came across this fine example of a Stinkhorn while walking through woods this evening. The Stinkhorn is edible at a stage when it looks like a large white egg. I got to it half a day to late. As it matures it has a certain pong to it too, as the name implies.
24th Jun 2012, 20:15   comments (5)

Sunshine on a Rainy Yesterday.

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What is it that makes wild flowers so special?
24th Jun 2012, 11:48   comments (0)

Captain Whippy?

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24th Jun 2012, 10:29   comments (1)

Jew's Ear

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I came across this fungus, which goes by the name of 'Jew's Ear', attached to the bough of a decaying elder arching over an overgrown footpath. It is actually edible and highly prized, as was evident the following day when I discovered it was gone having been neatly removed with a knife. Beat me to it.
20th Jun 2012, 17:44   comments (7)

Beauty in Everything

1. Just perfect.
2. Leafy reflections.
3. Cobbled to last.
4. Well trodden.
5. The pride of Bollington Hall Farm.
6. Natures palette.
20th Jun 2012, 17:30   comments (4)