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Whispers on water - a photo journal of our life on the 'cut' dedicated to keeping family and friends informed of our whereabouts.

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Forty Days and Forty Nights

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Our head of security curled up between us this morning after another busy night-shift.

The rain isn't effecting us too much other than turning the towpath to mush. At present the canal is looking as though it may become the fall-back flood barrier between Frampton and the Severn if this rain keeps up. All about us, life in the countryside is succumbing to the rising water levels and the damage it causes.

Years ago the water meadows here were managed for grazing and growing crops. Today, agriculture being what it isn't any more, these same meadows have been left to literally rot. Drainage and irrigation ditches that once criss-crossed the land have collapsed, become overgrown or blocked and the labour intensive subsistence farming that once cared for the land has given way to intensive farming that has scoured the farming community of manpower and made proper land and water management uneconomical in favour of set-aside subsidies and grants. We just stand by and watch nature reclaim what is her's because it isn't worth the effort to work with her to hold on to it until its all too late. Expensive flood defences in other parts have already failed due to an over-reliance on automated monitoring systems that, when called upon to activate defences, have failed to work or done so inadequately; with a simple shrug of a smug shoulder by those responsible.

We deserve to drown in our arrogance and growing ignorance of what really matters. People matter not profit.
26th Nov 2012, 19:53   comments (4)

Us and the Views

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23rd Nov 2012, 23:51   comments (1)

Last Evening

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You can just see the last of the light reflecting off 'wilvir' moored in the darkness.
18th Nov 2012, 14:30   comments (1)

Hoovering Gloucester Docks

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1. A suction dredger passing the bow of the 'Johanna Lucretia' (www.johanna-lucretia).
2. The floating pipeline dumps the 'hoovered' silt into the adjacent River Severn.

While moored at Gloucester the other day I watched a suction dredger trawling the docks to remove the build up of silt, which is preventing tall ships from entering the basin.
13th Nov 2012, 19:49   comments (0)


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1. An autumnal footpath.
2. Gloucester Docks at midnight.
3. Out in the sticks at sun-down.

The wind-lass left this morning for some shore duty after we spent the night in Gloucester Docks. I then left the docks, just gone midday, in favour of mooring out in the sticks to await her return. I'll be returning to the docks on Thursday to pipe the first mate back aboard, when we'll head further south.
13th Nov 2012, 00:02   comments (1)

Shore Duty

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1. The keel-haulers
2. Gunner on lookout.

The wind-lass has gone ashore for a few days leaving the crew in the hands of wilvir's skipper. Oh, that's me. Double rations me lads. Break out the bonded whisky (laphroaig).
12th Nov 2012, 19:09   comments (0)


1. The sun seemingly pulling the clouds below the horizon.
2. We're moored in the darkness beyond where the canal appears to end.
3. Rea swing-bridge keepers station with the lane leading down to the River Severn.
4. Rea swing-bridge.
5. Silhouettes.

Another beautiful day basking in the warmth of ever shorter days as autumn takes hold and the sun tips its hat to the onset of evening earlier each afternoon.

Me and Guns walked west towards the river with the fading light rapidly forming silhouettes of everything above the horizon. I love the twilight with its deepening hues of approaching darkness, cloaking the landscape in a 'softness' unlike any other time of day.

We finished our walk in the dark with my torchlight tunnelling through a light mist forming on the water as we approached 'wilvir' floating serenely on the ink black surface of the canal; home, the warm glow of light radiating from the bow windows into the deepening darkness. The aromatic comfort of wood-smoke permeating the evening air, which is cooling fast as night falls. And Ginny, delighted to welcome us back home with coffee for me and a favourite biscuit for Guns. Magical.
10th Nov 2012, 20:08   comments (1)

Out in the Sticks

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1/2 A moody evening descends upon us.

We left Frampton-On-Severn yesterday to cruise into Gloucester so that Ginny could book a coach to go visit her Mum for a few days. An annual pilgrimage whenever we're close to Oxfordshire.

By chance, while servicing the boat at Saul Junction, the local coal boat trader stopped by in his van enabling us to load 150kg of Taybrite, and at a very good price too.

We then continued to Gloucester and tied-up outside Sainsburys to do a 'shop' before heading back to moor out in the 'sticks' until sunday, when we'll head into Gloucester for the night so that Ginny will be in good time monday morning to catch her coach to Swindon and a bus from there to 'Cartoon Town'. I'll then take the boat back out into the 'sticks' again where me and Gunner will be left to fend for ourselves until thursday with the obligatory menu of what to eat on a daily basis. Love is......
9th Nov 2012, 12:09   comments (0)