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When vanity is clearly not an option.......... crank up the contrast!

Well hello again. I can hear the audible groans now as mobloggers around the world sigh.

Its been 5 years, can you believe it ? since mad Nige got some of us to join him in a daily self portrait, alledgedly for a whole 365 days. So I thought it would be interesting to compare/contrast ( just like an english essay) then and now.

I'm not going to make any grand promises about sticking it out to the end and I'm already wondering whether this is a daft thing to do, but alot has happened in the last five years.

I originally started this along with nige and a few others back in June 2007 and as I discovered it would prove much more difficult than I had anticipated. I enjoyed it all very much and I think at the time my portrait photography got better.

The Other Nutters are:-

365 Degrees of Kyoob.
Joker 365 X.
Mikey 365.
My defective ear.
My left ear. :(
See me.
Sexy Investment. :(
Slice of life.

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Talk to the hand.... the rest is P****d

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Sunday - Had family over for sunday lunch to celebrate one of the younger 540's birthdays, it was very busy and both families were their usual insulting selves to each other, which was mildly irritating and a bit hurtful.

Took eldest daughter home and had a real heart to heart about stuff which made me feel alot better. Got home and watched 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' on replay, it made me laugh.

He came out with the above phrase, (talk to the hand) just had me in stitches.

Of course now ickleist 540 thinks its okay to draw on herself too.
6th Nov 2007, 17:31   | tags:,,,,


540air says:

hehe I like this one :)

6th Nov 2007, 17:37


6th Nov 2007, 18:04