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lawnmower men

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look, yeah, it's great that the landlord employs gardeners for us, so we don't need to bother about mowing the lawn and stuff, but the last thing I need when I've got home at the end of a nightshift is a bunch of petrol-driven machinery right outside my window.
13th Dec 2005, 08:32   | tags:,comments (0)


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Crawling around the kitchen stool
11th Dec 2005, 18:33   | tags:comments (2)

the kitchen at work

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What, so food definitely won't catch fire if you're standing near the microwave?
There was a perfectly good warning label on the damn thing already, but someone thought that it needed supplementing with one in Times New Roman, complete with two exclamation marks.

I assume it's the same person who put up the one about the cleaners - and the previous one about the cleaners which lasted about two days, but not before being modified a little.

I think I'm going to have to start making my own stupid signs to put up around the kitchen...
9th Dec 2005, 01:48   | tags:,comments (2)

some other bus-related sightings

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I couldn't quite work out what the Sun bus was all about, but there were some guys on the top deck calling out and wolf-whistling at passing girls.

Marble Arch

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A couple of soon-to-be retired Routemasters at Marble Arch - including
one oddity with some doors.


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Today's the last day that Routemaster buses are running on the 159 route through London. The fuss around it had been bugging me a little, since there was also a fuss made over some other routes' last days with the old fleet, and they're continuing to run on a couple of "heritage routes".

They're doing a few special services today - the bus I hopped on was RM1, the first prototype Routemaster, which usually lives in a museum. It had quite a few 'enthusiasts' on it, who were spending the day getting their money's worth on their bus passes by going the full length of the route. (One asked me if Streatham was rough, or if he'd be safe there.) But they're people who've grown up with these old workhorses, and driven them, and reckon the new-fangled, one-man-operated buses are "boxes on wheels". I can see where the emotional attatchment's coming from. And I felt a little sad when I stepped off the back of one. But not that much.

But times change. You can't really justify running a 30 year old bus that's inaccessible to wheelchair users - and is generally more cramped than a modern double decker.

Just don't get me started on bendy buses, and everything will be fine :)

Defective platform?

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That's a new one on me.


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Rabbit phones transmitter, Holborn station.
Didn't these things become obsolete about 10 years ago?
It was some sort of predecessor to Orange, I think.