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I wonder if they know there is quicksand down there.

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Mont St Michel.
11th Aug 2008, 14:24   comments (8)

Shoot encounter

Photo Comp. on Saturday with Moblog teams. It rained. It poured. But it didn't dampen any spirits. A good time. Thanks all.

no. 1 - Minkey and Harimanjaro under supervision
no. 2 - patriotic panchos.
no. 3 - Queserasara and Sprocket
no. 4 - Lisa (?), Hward and Nige
no. 5 - what is the record for the most people squeezed into a phone box?
10th Aug 2008, 21:05   comments (12)

I'm sure this is how it all will end

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Forced to abandon our cars. They're useless now. We set out on a pilgrimage to a thousand year old sacred site, passing burning pyres on the roads. There is an air of resignation.

(real story - hunters protesting the restrictions on the hunting season form a blockade on the causeway to the Mont St Michel. No one can drive in or out. Gendarmes tell us if we want to go, park where ever we can and walk. It was all rather pleasant really just a little apocalyptic in appearance).
8th Aug 2008, 11:00   comments (10)

Welcome to our liberators


Honfleur - so much Frenchness distilled into a wee town. Gorgeous weather and lovely place for an aimless stroll.

Pic 2 - La Maison Satie. Dedicated to Erik Satie. One of the coolest museums I have ever visited.

Pic 3 - harbour. Word is that restaurants buy their fish straight off the boats ready to serve up.

Pic 4 - on the most boring boat tour ever (views of the industrial zone), the highlight was this group of boys who got our attention by pulling their shorts down to their knees and jumping into the harbour. The lowlight? Not tuned into French enough to realise that the chorus of exclaiming voices were aimed at me as the low bridge was about to brain me.

Pic 5 - Merry Go Rounds!

Pic 6 - roasting in the sun. Lunch.
7th Aug 2008, 14:34   comments (17)

St Catherine

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St Catherine's in Honfleur. Beautiful.

7th Aug 2008, 13:43   comments (9)


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The day before the ferry to Calais. A chance to explore Dover. Had great expectations of Dover but found it a dustier more worn version of Holyhead, Fishguard, Calais ... actually Calais is rather glam in comparison. Gorgeous weather though and so we played on the beach. By beach, I mean pile of gravel but in golden sun and the locals at play it all seemed idyllic and I got that same feeling I used to get when I would stop for a break at Lake Taupo on the way to Wellington - a desire to end my journey here and just have the holiday in this place. And then we went into town and decided eat back at the hotel.
6th Aug 2008, 09:25   comments (7)

31st of July, 2008

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Fishsausage - this is where we were sitting when Laurie called me.
3rd Aug 2008, 11:50   comments (8)

I bought a wonky memory card

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And I lost everything I photographed yesterday including a brilliant video of two hundred kids recreating the Battle of Hastings at the Festival of History yesterday. In other words, belting the hell out of each other with foam swords for five minutes and then turning on the three adults who were running it. Total chaos contained within a roped off enclosure. Health and safety be damned. All gone. Oh well, modern life, it's rubbish innit?

Anyway, here's a nice picture of a foggy castle I took six months ago. Old technology can be more resilient than new technology eh?
20th Jul 2008, 20:38   comments (11)