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Surely it's the curse of the modern world that so many people now work at a computer while the compter also provides the biggest distraction from work ever devised ... (Dave Gorman)

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~H.G. Wells _______________________________

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Same stuff different states

(viewed 651 times)
19th Jan 2009, 14:02   comments (9)

Not bleak midwinter

(viewed 831 times)
Mid winter party last night. Good fun, cool people ... I took hardly any pics. Doesn't D look regal?
18th Jan 2009, 15:36   comments (9)

By Friday, your head just dissolves.

(viewed 721 times)
16th Jan 2009, 22:51   comments (11)

Are you receiving me?

(viewed 818 times)
14th Jan 2009, 18:20   comments (8)

Robot love

(viewed 1063 times)
Even robots need love.
12th Jan 2009, 15:19   comments (10)


(viewed 720 times)
Just the two of us today. Cafe/comic/crossword and then home in a meandering daydreamy stroll.
11th Jan 2009, 14:15   comments (6)

Doing a Gilberto Zorio

(viewed 860 times)
Went to the MK gallery today to see the Gilberto Zorio exhibiton. This is art that could hurt you - live wires, heated elements, chemical baths - it commands respect. Heavily patrolled by invigilators preventing people from frying which meant you could strike up interesting conversations about the work. Kind of groovy.

They had an art trolley and Ariana made her own Gilberto Zorio star.
10th Jan 2009, 16:43   | tags:comments (11)

It really does ...

(viewed 702 times)
To tell you the truth, I glad it does sometimes.
8th Jan 2009, 20:18   comments (4)