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Surely it's the curse of the modern world that so many people now work at a computer while the compter also provides the biggest distraction from work ever devised ... (Dave Gorman)

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~H.G. Wells _______________________________

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Help keep the churchyard tidy

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15th Mar 2009, 20:18   comments (6)

Married to your job?

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Where I work, induction usually includes a formal ceremony. Someone from HR serves as the celebrant.
13th Mar 2009, 11:57   | tags:comments (16)

A figure half seen

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10th Mar 2009, 19:08   comments (9)

Electro ripples

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I'm doing lots more cycling at the moment as a counterpoint to feeling much more absorbed in work. Piccie was captured under a rail road bridge while doing a canal side cycle. No matter how many times trains whizz over and how much I push reason over fear, it still sounds like the bridge is going to come down on top of me.
9th Mar 2009, 14:39   comments (11)

The roar of the grease paint ...

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3rd Mar 2009, 19:58   comments (4)

Rear view safari

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Cheap day at Woburn Safari today. Jolly drive through the Safari park which felt a little like curb crawling an animal red light zone but without the sex or frisson.

Saw a boa constrictor which could paralyse you with the paradox of being both boring and deadly.

Also, strolled in the cage with Squirrel Monkeys which would jump up on the handrails and dip into visitors' pockets. One made off with a bag of tobacco sneaked out of a jacket. No cigarette papers though so I guess the joke was on the monkey.
28th Feb 2009, 18:22   | tags:comments (9)


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I heart the London Underground.

(except in a crush at rush hour and you're on the edge of the platform and the crowd is so bad you can't step back an inch and you can't get on the train either because people won't move down the carriage even though the platform manager tells them to because they know they'll never get off if they do and end up at Heathrow airport or something even though they work on Oxford Street and so the train whooshes out and another one whooshes in just inches from your nose making you think that even though your nose isn't your best feature you're better off with it on your face and you wonder why you even came to this country in the first place and thought it would be exciting to work in London and realise at that point that hell really is your own life just gone a bit wrong and you decide that maybe your fortune lies in another city after all)

Now that I don't use it every day, I REALLY heart the underground.
27th Feb 2009, 18:44   comments (6)

Don't you just love being first in?

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All the office lights are off, the corridors are all echoes and dark corners.
25th Feb 2009, 08:52   comments (9)