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Surely it's the curse of the modern world that so many people now work at a computer while the compter also provides the biggest distraction from work ever devised ... (Dave Gorman)

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~H.G. Wells _______________________________

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Chocolate Dali

(viewed 669 times)
Sporting a hot chocolate mustache that would make Salvador Dali jealous.
1st Jul 2007, 17:46   comments (8)

Science Museum

(viewed 840 times)
1st Jul 2007, 10:07   comments (2)

Electra Bridge

(viewed 913 times)
30th Jun 2007, 18:37   comments (7)

Shrek and me

(viewed 834 times)
Up close he looks a little like Wayne Rooney.
30th Jun 2007, 18:30   comments (4)

Cello practice

(viewed 1065 times)
Public performance tomorrow night. Gotta polish up that bowing. And Friday night, he's going down to the crossroads.
27th Jun 2007, 19:51   comments (15)

Night night

(viewed 725 times)
Yes, good night! See you in the morning.
20th Jun 2007, 21:34   comments (2)

Bike accident

(viewed 1181 times)
Gosh this looks pretty lurid when sent from a camera phone. Anyway, after swerving to avoid a branch I took a spill and ended up with a pretty long gash in my chest. Feels a bit sore ... but I'll be left with a pretty butch scar. The good news is, after initial fears my MP3 player is unharmed.
20th Jun 2007, 11:25   comments (29)


(viewed 670 times)
This is in Tavistock Square in London. There are always frowers and a small offerring at the foot of this statue.
18th Jun 2007, 09:06   comments (2)