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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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the blues are still blue

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All aboard the GO train

these are for a small person in the UK who likes the GO train.

and can someone tell me why the edges of the previous and next photos appear if I don't crop like crazy?

good morning car.

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carbonized croissant

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No. It's a croissant.
Hard as a rock.
Carbon. It may be a new life form.

Friends have suggested that it is not going to decompose. It is here with us forever, along with eleven other ones.

I do like the pattern they left on the baking sheet, however.

And next time, I will find the stove instructions about how to programme the oven to come on and off automatically, and not cook all night.

The way of ice

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I went to see what happened to the ice polyps.
there are more.
they are bigger.

Yes, Euphro, the lake is frozen

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It was a great day, but I am in the hold of the medicinal vodka this adventure entailed. Thiniking tomorrow will wait for the polyps update--they are still there. g'night to all, and sweet dreams.

I want to liberate this boat

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this boat is not made for breaking ice. but the pirate in me is thinking hard.

someone took the picnic bench out near the ice

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just when you feel really tired clambering over the ice--it is not at all level or fair--someone pulled up this table, right beside the lake, so you could have a peaceful moment.