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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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dick whittington built this for helen and beth

By my standards, this building is old. It was built in 1601. The wood inside is 400 years old and someone is sticking up kid art on it. In North America the wood would be part of a very charming olde englishe bar with lots of brasse and fernse.

It is a very cosy school, with a stream outside, and a churchyard with gravestones next door. The caretaker, who also drives the school bus, happened around to give us a real tour.

According to my source, Beth and Helen graced these halls as elementary students.

The school was built in 1601 by Sir William Craven, thought to be the inspiration for the Dick Whittington story.

the US listening mushroooms in Yorkshire

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On the way to Leeds, these popped up. I read that they are also in Canada and Australia. Part of a world system that listens to everything. Except in Canada and Australia, we have so much room that you don't see them. hello mushrooms, anyone home?

up in the Yorkshire fog

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Viv took us up to see the view. I enjoyed how the fog made everything mysterious and very soft.

magic place in Yorkshire

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Viv, this is one place I will never forget.

what is needed here is sound and smell. water running everywhere, damp green, dirt, rocks, and wonderful flowers. we got so wet, so dirty. so worth it.

another toronto night

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there are no right angles in this building. all these photos were taken straight on.

now we have caught up to manchester, which is the home of the Imperial War Museum North--also designed by Libeskind.

big smelly flower at Kew Gardens

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Lucky it was not yet in bloom. Sure is big.

rush hour

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The rush hour on the Tube is unbelievable. Just as you think no one else can fit on, a large lady and her husband push on, and into the middle. You get up close and personal. The walls are rounded so tall people bend over so they fit and won't get caught in the doors. You hope your stop is not going to be on the other side of the car you are on.

some of my bluebells of happiness

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1st Jun 2007, 15:53   | tags:,comments (10)