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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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I can sleep now

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29th Jun 2007, 07:40   comments (10)

if you're paddling to James Bay...

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you don't really need the helmets. I just liked the photo.

I should explain a bit.
my son, the bear, takes groups out on two week canoe trips. He is the canoe tripper. These are photos of the tripper den.

You need to take a few things, and make sure that everything important is waterproof, animalproof and portable. There are portages, places where you unload everything, and carry it over land to the next river or around a waterfall.

Canoes are light and you can carry one on your back easily. Food goes in the plastic barrels. On the shelf above are blackened cooking pots. A dutch oven is essential. On the left and on the floor are various tents. The top photo is packs to stuff everything into.

The big challenge is food. You eat the perishables first. Grains, spices, onions, garlic, potatoes, pancake mix, and pasta are all basic. Everything tastes good on a trip. You pray for sunny days and no wind. And because a canoe displaces very little water, you can go anywhere, even up the smallest creeks.

This July the trips are to James Bay, which is waaaaay up north. My only worry is enraged moose mothers. not kidding.
27th Jun 2007, 14:43   comments (16)

summer camp, waiting for 400 boys

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27th Jun 2007, 14:22   comments (7)

swamp :)

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27th Jun 2007, 13:08   comments (11)

helmet heads. whitewater slalom.

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It's a lot like skiing. shorter kayaks let you do tricks. more manoueverable. the river is a slalom course--rocks, water and gates to make. when I got there it was the end of the day, and most people were just fooling around at the bottom where it is interesting, but nothing serious.

I think this is a level 2 whitewater. my son, the bear, is off for the summer doing things like this in a canoe. he also spends lots of time in still water, fighting mosquitoes.

whitewater means wear a helmet

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whitewater is much prized by canoeists and kayakers. it is extremely dangerous, full of undertows and rocks. this stretch of the river is well-known internationally as an extreme kayak experience.

for me, it is clean, fast water, the sound is incredible.

a sideways waterfall.

today we are taking apart the apple laptop because it's hurt

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sure hope we can find all the screws.

rob is leaving for the summer tomorrow morning, to go up north. way up north. it's sunday. everything is closed. he needs to get the little plug out of his recharger port, because somehow he tore it off. only way to do it is to go from the inside. and to get there, you have to take it all apart. laptop guts all over. but we are confident. that is if we can put it back together.

it was a boring day, anyway.
24th Jun 2007, 19:54   | tags:,,,comments (13)

me gusta guatemala, me gusta Mano Chao

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Mano Chao and Radio Bemba Sound System are playing tonight in Toronto.

Mano Chao has been a great supporter of the Mayan people. I have been lucky enough to work with them, and travel there. This little girl is the daughter of one of the women in a weaving cooperative in Solola, Guatemala.

More people were disappeared in Guatemala than any other Latin country. Most of them were Mayan.

my photo.

21st Jun 2007, 19:42   | tags:,,comments (13)