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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.

this man just became mayor of Toronto. it's strange times everywhere. EDIT. Nov 26 2012. Today Rob Ford was tossed out of office for breaking the law. All Toronto is celebrating

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new year, new snow

best in the new year to all

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It started snowing about midnight last night and today the world is a fresh white sheet of snow, a blank canvas for a new year.

I have been out taking photos of people today, having fun in the snow. But first I wanted to wish us all the best. It's a good old blog, and I learn a lot, every year. So here's to us, each of us in our own corner of the world.

1st Jan 2008, 22:32   | tags:comments (9)

and sometimes you get what you need

I loved this stupid dog

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Annie died today.

She nipped mailmen, small children, and anyone who stepped on her tail. She outlived all her dog buddies by many years, and she was totally unimpressed with puppy replacements. She was half border collie, half Australian cattle dog, a mutt from the pound. She loved to run and when she ran she was beautiful, but most of the time she looked kind of ordinary, practical. She made me go out and see what was going on, and was incredibly patient with me and my camera.

She lived sixteen people years and up until two days ago, was right as rain. She never liked any fuss, so let's keep it that way. No condolences. Just lean over and give your creatures, human or other, a little scratch, maybe something ridiculous to eat. She went on with a tummy full of great things.

I have lots of photos of Annie,
but this post describes her best.
20th Dec 2007, 01:08   | tags:comments (39)

the magnificent snow eater

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Everything is white and silent. There are no cars, so I walk in the middle of the road. Ipod pumped up. The snow plow came up behind me. heart attack? almost.

toronto had a fool for a mayor a few years ago. he embarassed this poor city many times. the rest of Canada likes to remind us how he once called out the army to clear the snow.
16th Dec 2007, 20:31   | tags:,,comments (11)

it's still a blizzard :)

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It's still a blizzard. totally silent. the city is staying safe inside. I think work and school will be cancelled tomorrow. Snow day all round!
16th Dec 2007, 20:10   | tags:,comments (7)

snow branches

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16th Dec 2007, 08:01   | tags:,,,comments (11)

Tyger, Tyger

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The Christmas Tiger is larger than life. It is put up each year by the Korean community.

While I am taking photos, three young men are struggling with a map. I give them directions and then ask them where they are from. Mexico. They are here on vacation for two weeks. They love the snow and the cold.
14th Dec 2007, 14:13   | tags:,,comments (10)