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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.

this man just became mayor of Toronto. it's strange times everywhere. EDIT. Nov 26 2012. Today Rob Ford was tossed out of office for breaking the law. All Toronto is celebrating

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eyes on the street

(viewed 700 times)
13th Aug 2009, 03:47   comments (11)

garbage strike is OVAhhh.

(viewed 1055 times)
might not mean a lot to you, but here in Toronto, the first garbage pickup in a month was sensational. The hockey rink was filled with garbage during the strike. It has been scoured clean many times and it still smells.

the garbage strike of 2009 is not going to be forgotten, and mayor is politically toast. the union is too.
4th Aug 2009, 20:37   | tags:,comments (18)

lots of pumpkin flowers

(viewed 2232 times)
but no pumpkins. that little round bit in the bottom of the middle should make itself into my hallowe'en pumpkin, but no bees want to risk the rain. drowned farmer dreams.
4th Aug 2009, 20:12   | tags:comments (10)

purple and green

(viewed 664 times)
okay, reddish and green.
4th Aug 2009, 19:59   comments (4)

gooooooood morning

(viewed 717 times)
sun! finally.
3rd Aug 2009, 13:33   comments (9)

nicosheeanna by flashlight

(viewed 545 times)
nicotiana sylvestris, or woodland tobacco, same species as cigarette tobacco.

blooms late evening, wonderful fragrance. no, I don't smoke it.
2nd Aug 2009, 17:46   comments (2)

I won't marry her until she stops fooling around

(viewed 871 times)
29th Jul 2009, 18:46   comments (12)

Und das Schiff mit acht Segeln

(viewed 1644 times)
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen
Wird entschwinden mit mir.

And the ship, the black freighter
disappears out to sea
And on it is me.
-Pirate Jenny from Brecht and Weill's 'Threepenny Opera'

Sometimes only I can see the black freighter.