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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.

this man just became mayor of Toronto. it's strange times everywhere. EDIT. Nov 26 2012. Today Rob Ford was tossed out of office for breaking the law. All Toronto is celebrating

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You either stand around and wait for the really good moments to take photos of the stars, or you go see the movie. I see the movies, but I have to say it's getting a little hard not to catch papparazzi fever. Robert Duvall, Viggo Mortensen and young Kodi Smit-McPhee were there for The Road and when I was coming out of that film there was Drew Barrymore.

The Road is a good, maybe great movie. I read the book so I am not sure if I saw it the same way someone who has not read it.

It takes place after some unnamed cataclysm. It is the story of two survivors, a man and his son. I don't think it will be popular in the US.

I asked one of the producers where it was filmed, because the landscape is so monumentally blasted--some places were Mt St Helens, Pittsburgh, and worst of all, in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.
14th Sep 2009, 05:10   | tags:,comments (18)

jigalong, is there really a roebuck bay hotel?

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today I saw four movies, met three directors, two actors, and went to a party. Every film today was wonderful. this is me being embarrassed but very pleased with Ernie Dingo, from Bran Nue Dae, an Australian aboriginal musical, if I have to define it. did I say I am having a great time? Go see Almovodar's Broken Embraces..tomorrow is bran nue dae..
13th Sep 2009, 05:02   comments (14)

ah, sunflower

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sure wish you would open.

blake's poem is indelibly united with the Fugs great song of his words. I cannot find it on the internets. god bless tuli kupferberg, wherever he may be.

11th Sep 2009, 00:39   | tags:,comments (31)


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I always know when I am back home. je me souviens.
2nd Sep 2009, 00:26   | tags:comments (13)

I am going to live in the dark

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I am seriously going to the Toronto International Film Festival this year. I spent my time on the train figuring out what to see and how it fit into the schedule. I really think they should give us some sort of application to do this. It's way hard.
1st Sep 2009, 23:58   comments (13)

train to montreal

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it fascinates me how speed changes perception. the trees blur, the lake, the horizon is all you can focus on. what happens in the TGV in France? do you look only at the horizon?
1st Sep 2009, 23:48   comments (7)

toy exchange

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the rules: Frizzle can chew a train track if Oscar can put her leash on godzilla, and go in and out of her crate. She is not allowed to play with cars so they are lined up safe on the chair. Frizzle has to catch things Oscar throws.

it worked really well but Frizz tried to take Godzilla for a walk.
26th Aug 2009, 23:16   | tags:,,comments (14)

it's raccoon time again

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we all got a shock when I went up to my studio last night and turned on the light. the top shot is totally out of focus, but I think it shows just how shocked that little guy was.
24th Aug 2009, 12:51   | tags:,comments (20)