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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.

this man just became mayor of Toronto. it's strange times everywhere. EDIT. Nov 26 2012. Today Rob Ford was tossed out of office for breaking the law. All Toronto is celebrating

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for friendly service and economy

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shop at your independent drug store.

the green plants are a kind of north american onion.
11th Apr 2010, 08:09   comments (2)


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11th Apr 2010, 08:06   comments (2)

out in the woods

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11th Apr 2010, 08:01   comments (1)

and the sun pours down like honey on our lady of the harbour

Every year I go back home to Montreal on Good Friday. Facto and John host a fabulous open house party, with great food, music and animation. I see old and good friends, the latest animation, and Facto and I get time to walk around and take photos together. Montreal is a great city, and no one loves spring more than Canadians.

John showed me this film and Oscar and I really like it.
6th Apr 2010, 05:49   comments (7)

Montreal, home of poutine

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6th Apr 2010, 05:02   comments (2)

montreal, home of cirque du soleil

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6th Apr 2010, 04:52   comments (5)

4 am chicago o'hare airport between B and C terminals

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michael hayden's neon 'the sky's the limit' runs between terminal b and c over the moving walkways. It sure woke me up. Worth a trip to Chicago.

Nogales has heart

did I say I liked the people here very much? I did. They made me laugh, they told me stories and hassled me to buy things. I would go back in a flash.

I had a surreal overnight trip home via chicago, and my bag is lost. oh well, good to be home.
31st Mar 2010, 22:04   comments (2)