I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

by spongevid

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yum yum yum!

(viewed 679 times)
i gobbled them all up while watching neighbours. yum. and healthy too!
20th Jan 2005, 15:50   comments (2)

forget your ps2's and xboxes....

(viewed 1056 times)
..gimmie a sega mega drive anyday!
infact, tomorrow i'm popping into gamesworld (or whatever its called)
to buy second hand mega drive games at bargainous prices!
20th Jan 2005, 14:15   comments (21)

new shoes!!!

(viewed 1051 times)
of course i've not been to the remaining sales!
15th Jan 2005, 16:51   comments (0)

i got my lip pierced....

(viewed 33092 times)
.....ok i wish. i found an old fake hoop thing in my room today.
14th Jan 2005, 19:47   comments (31)

just rearranged the table...

(viewed 705 times)
.....in my room. which means i have to clear it all up, and also find
a new place for all my post-it notes! erk!
14th Jan 2005, 18:32   comments (0)

forget men....

(viewed 718 times)
...warm double chocolate muffin with lots of cream does it for me.
less hassle and never lets you down, unless you run out of cream!
13th Jan 2005, 18:26   comments (3)

i like sales...

(viewed 663 times)
...bargain! thats like roughly...75% off if my maths is right.
13th Jan 2005, 16:29   comments (1)

5 out of 11 exams done...

(viewed 645 times)
...woo yay!
11th Jan 2005, 14:25   comments (2)