I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

by spongevid

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smarties are racist!!

(viewed 1038 times)
they have special black and white smarties out at the moment, and there are
more white smarties than black ones. is this chance or are they trying to
tell us something?!
21st Apr 2005, 10:28   comments (8)

i hate filling out forms!

(viewed 643 times)
espcially ones that have a million pages and say "if yes go to section 7a"raaah!
20th Apr 2005, 16:46   comments (0)

i still go to the gym...

(viewed 684 times)
...i'm abut 3 months in now!*pats self on back*
*pokes belly*
20th Apr 2005, 15:24   comments (7)

this is just asking to be stolen!

(viewed 663 times)
found in the bushes by my houseige.
20th Apr 2005, 09:58   comments (4)

a loose bottomed tart!?

(viewed 652 times)
and it has flan written on it. that word makes me laugh!
19th Apr 2005, 15:08   comments (5)

birthday card.

(viewed 655 times)
to send to new zealand for my sis!
19th Apr 2005, 11:42   comments (0)

look at my hat!

(viewed 694 times)
i found it in a cupboard. i nicked it from the art dept. in school during my
gcse's because i was going to use it but then didn't bother in the end.
it had funky feathers on it too, dunno where they went.it is a bit of a morbid hat though
19th Apr 2005, 11:10   comments (3)

domo makes handbags!

(viewed 1862 times)
trying to be like louis vitton is seems!
19th Apr 2005, 09:58   comments (4)