I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

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i leave tomorrow!

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and i shall not be back here until the 27th july! :-(
if i see anything interesting at heathrow i shall send that off me mobiley,
i will try send piccies while in india off my phone but doubt it will work.
i'll of course flood this place when i get back!
hope everyone has a great summer and will see you all soon! :-) xx
27th May 2005, 12:54   comments (9)

Keeping myself entertained in the car.

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26th May 2005, 13:25   comments (0)

Waiting.waiting.waiting.for lost

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will *hopefully* be put online round 4am, but i have to be up at 7am to drive to manchester! arrgh!
26th May 2005, 00:49   comments (2)

my friend ruth gives the BEST presents...

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....she gave me a BAG FULL OF SWEETS!
there were also drumstick lollies and a sherbet fountain, but they're happy
in my belly now!
25th May 2005, 21:50   comments (2)

holiday packing!

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the case thing will be coming back much heavier than how it went. SHOPPING GALORE.
i leave on saturday, and shall not be back from India until the 27th July!!!

i don't think i will be able to send pics from my phone to moblog while
there, because Three and my phone are stupid!*
I will try though, if not, i will indeed flood after I get back!

*this is the thoughts of the spongethat is vid and not of moblog.
25th May 2005, 21:18   comments (0)

the worlds longest crisp?!

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25th May 2005, 18:02   comments (1)

hippo bathday...

(viewed 824 times)
....to mee.
i'm no longer in my teens. erk!Firefox also gave me a birthday present, LOSING ALL MY BOOKMARKS!!! grrrrr!
25th May 2005, 12:05   comments (8)

one of the worlds ugliest shoes....

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23rd May 2005, 18:38   comments (2)