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Rather strange Valentine before ..

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.. wish you all somebody to love not only to Valentine's Day :)
10th Feb 2011, 18:20   comments (17)

Making sound ..

16th Dec 2010, 07:31   comments (9)

How it looks here

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Almost winter view

(viewed 1212 times)
26th Nov 2010, 05:27   comments (14)


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5th Nov 2010, 19:42   comments (15)

Lullaby for Ianto Jones

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At last I've seen the last episode of Torchwood ...

It's probably the most sad thing which I saw in tv .. That season 3 is too cruel and not fair for Torchwood's fans in my opinion! So, now my hope,that I will be fan of season 4 is very small. I'm very disappointed the season 3. :(( And here is link to very beautiful video(audio track is the most importat here) which is absolutely sad,but better made, than the last episodes of Torchwood ..

Sunny effect

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14th Oct 2010, 20:51   comments (8)

A bit of pink

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8th Oct 2010, 20:20   comments (10)