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Just wanted more sunny views here but looks like some darkness is there also, eh...
15th Jul 2013, 19:57   comments (3)

Guess what is this...

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8th Jul 2013, 06:53   | tags:comments (19)

And Even When Angels Fall...

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I never...
I didn't care about the Apocalypse around;
even now when angels fall...
Because when you stopped believing in me I knew the worst is coming.
And you stopped believing in yourself... The day ... there in your desperate, full of endless pain eyes I saw the real end of my world.

Because Of Fan Fiction

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Yes that's what I'm doing for months, reading, reading and reading and reviewing and writing sometimes.
The first pic this is kind of banner to the ...'newest' fic of mine, still unfinished unfortunately...

EmonyJade is author of the second pic, which I absolutely love, where Sammy Winchester is writing slash instead of researching... ;D

Once You Got Past That...

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Cos I didn't know what to say this time..
-To my father-
19th Nov 2012, 15:26   comments (2)

The Heaven In Mouth

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Mango, peaches, wild strawberries, to name a very few. However it's really surprising how easily
some kinds of apples could top the list of mine; I mean especially the old kinds. I did eat heavenly tasty a different kinds of the so common but so special fruits.I hate the new apples from supermarkets, which taste like pears, and have no the typical amazing, tempting scent.Observing a good friend of mine, I did find out how to know the taste of apple just from the aroma.. :)

Things That Go Bump Or A Warm Hugs By T.Halloween Eye

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Just wanna give you the Halloween hugs :]

And h e r e is a funny story about, um.. watching the scary films .. ; )