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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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Covent Garden

(viewed 277 times)
Feels like I've not been here in ages.
16th Sep 2011, 09:10   comments (0)

The Durham Ox

(viewed 270 times)
I'm wondering how a pub in Peterborough came to be named the Durham Ox. Shame it's closed too.
14th Sep 2011, 07:53   comments (0)

Fluffy bunny

(viewed 940 times)
11th Sep 2011, 16:48   comments (0)

God's house ...

(viewed 413 times)
... looks rather nice this evening.
9th Sep 2011, 20:57   comments (0)

Cycle paths

(viewed 256 times)
The cycle paths have little green lights. How cool is that.
9th Sep 2011, 20:12   comments (0)


(viewed 471 times)
Oh yes, I had one of these when I was a little kid.
4th Sep 2011, 00:28   comments (0)

Night bus

(viewed 522 times)
Waiting for the night bus from Sunderland. It's a minute late.
4th Sep 2011, 00:18   comments (0)


(viewed 399 times)
It's a bit grim in London this morning.
31st Aug 2011, 09:57   comments (1)