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I got my first tattoo today! It's still a bit tender and I can't stop
staring at it, but I really like it! I also got the cartilage in my ear pierced. I
was expecting a quick shot from a gun, but the dude used a hollow needle, then
bent the earring in to shape. It hurt more than the tattoo!
22nd Apr 2007, 01:08   | tags:,,,comments (16)

Half mast for Virginia Tech students

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I've seen this sight too often over the past few years.
The President has ordered that all flags be lowered in memory of those who
died at Virginia Tech on Monday. Here's one I saw on my drive home last


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The husband got a bit carried away playing Ms. Pacman the other night. I was
only allowed on the machine for mere seconds. Maniac!!
17th Apr 2007, 13:41   comments (9)

Doggie in the window

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It's been a while since he's been able to jump into 'his' bay window, but
the ACL surgery worked wonders. Now Sir Russ is back to surveying the
15th Apr 2007, 20:20   comments (8)

Sleepy Nahla

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It's been raining all weekend, so what else can you do but snuggle up on the
couch like my cat!
15th Apr 2007, 19:57   comments (3)


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I took these whilst waiting at the station last week. An otherwise boring
stone clock, decorated with mosaicy bits.

Post it!

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I love this little machine. I can go into the post office lobby (even if the
main bit is closed) and send a package to my family in England. No
interaction with silly postal workers required!
14th Apr 2007, 00:48   | tags:,,comments (0)


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The husband helps nephew Nick and the ma-in-law with some monster Alaskan
King crabs.
11th Apr 2007, 23:59   comments (3)