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hello, i am amy.

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dune fan, me?

(viewed 650 times)
loook at my pretty dune books... just look at them. *sighs happily* and
look at kelly and anna as they attempt to cross the deserts of arrakis with no
stilsuit or anything....
8th Mar 2006, 21:56   comments (0)

gerard has another outing

(viewed 598 times)
he enjoyed deathcab for cutie very much
8th Mar 2006, 21:54   comments (0)

predictably poseurish

(viewed 591 times)
pictures of my guitars...
8th Mar 2006, 21:53   comments (1)

james' birthday

(viewed 652 times)
here are my slightly belated photos from james' birthday weekend!
28th Feb 2006, 18:53   comments (1)

lost in grass

(viewed 617 times)
dave got lost in some very long grass...
28th Feb 2006, 18:52   comments (0)

henri hospital abroad

(viewed 578 times)
we stayed at henri's parents place near carcassonne, and their nearest
neighbour lives in a castle on a hill! they have their very own meadow too that
grows nuts and olives, and in the summer it will be filled with wild
flowers..... nice.
27th Feb 2006, 21:57   comments (1)

this is gerard the giraffe

(viewed 1128 times)
he is going to be my travelling companion and go on adventures with me.he likes the beach... this particular beach is on the south coast of france,
and it was very cold!he ran away from me, but i managed to catch him just after i took the second
27th Feb 2006, 21:53   comments (3)


(viewed 635 times)
28th Jan 2006, 19:28   comments (1)