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Out of the house at 7.30am for a brisk 25 mile ride to the city of St Davids
on my borrowed steed to meet up with some fellow rangers for a day of social
riding, luntching, etc. at 9.55am, just over a mile from my destination, my
rear tyre punctured. I quickly inserted a new tube, got on with the ride,
arriving at 10.25am, with no sign of other cycling people. The plan was a
short ride before luntch, then back to St Davids for food, so I bethought
myself to loiter and lurk around until they returned. I fell into
conversation with another bicycle minded person and the time flew by, but no
familiar faced riders reappeared, and by 12.20 I decided to meander
homewards, only a couple of miles down the road the puncture fairy struck
again, this time leaving me up the proverbial creek, without the less than
proverbial spare tube or repair kit. The nearest mobile phone signal was a
long way away. I walked to the nearest semblance of civilisation, found a
phone box (remember them?) and managed to procure a lift home. At least it
did not rain. Upon my arrival home I had an email from my friend Steve, who
had waited alone till 10.20 then gone home in a different direction as
no-one had turned up...
12th Jul 2009, 22:58   comments (2)


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Kathryn Jenkins broke down yesterday, and it turned out to be not what I
first thought it was. Fortunately, a friend has kindly loaned me a touring
bike in the interim. Tomorrow is a BIG ride (about 80m in total) in the St
Davids area, so today I have no option but to familiarise myself with the
new ride and make any minor adjustments. Having ridden into those clouds, I
can now tell you they are just as full of rain as they look.
11th Jul 2009, 20:32   comments (9)


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An explanation:
Later this month I am taking one of my bicycles over to a place called S.X. to team up with Mr 540air and to perambulate a large number of miles between the Lon Don and Camberidge, in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity. There will be no personal gain or satisfaction in this venture - I'm sure the Mr 540air and I will ride in complete silence for the entire journey, which for me will be very alien territory. I hear everyone is very "posh" there, and that they have strange habits and customs, such as spelling shite with a y. PLEASE give as much as you can to this very deserving cause to make my ordeal worthwhile.
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This summer is just too wet to do without. I don?t like ?em, but needs must!
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It was raining as I left home, and it was raining when I returned. It rained the whole time I was out. It's stopped now.
4th Jul 2009, 14:01   comments (4)


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