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Live. Early morning shadows at the brune

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Live. Early morning shadows at the brunel cafe.
8th May 2009, 08:16   comments (2)

Live. Should I worry?

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Live. Should I worry?
7th May 2009, 16:22   comments (3)

Ready to roll.

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Ready to roll.
7th May 2009, 09:58   comments (3)


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Please note my new rear wheel has no spokes!
6th May 2009, 20:44   comments (6)


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Big Day for Dylan, his first wobbly tooth came out!
6th May 2009, 20:42   comments (11)


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This week I've been coaxing the lovely Katherine Jenkins out of hibernation in readiness for some long hard riding this weekend. I gave her a stripping down and a good overall greasing, replaced a few cables and a seized rear brake, and took her out around Freshwaterwest last night, where she started making hideous groanings and creakings. My rear axle was the culprit, and was rapidly disintegrating, so today became yet another shopping day instead of the planned getting-in-shape day. Fortunately, I'm well enough known in the area to get generous discounts in most of the bike shops. A new pair of wheels would have cost £150, but I got them for a ton, new tyres should have been £36, got them for £30. (No way you can put used tyres on new wheels, it looks shabby). Things like a seatpost-mounted rack and bag and a new pump just get added on without really being noticed. I THINK I'm now ready for the 40 miles to Fishguard, the 60 miles to Cardigan and back on Saturday, and a further 40 miles back here on Sunday.
6th May 2009, 13:33   comments (14)


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Our beloved Freshwaterwest is to be used as a set in the new Harry Potter film, and in the new Russell Crowe version of Robin Hood. They're auditioning for 600 extras on Sasturday, and they're building something on the dunes. It's all being handled extremely well, with access to the beach being disrupted as little as possible, and a great deal of litterpicking taking place. I took a ride out there last night but didn't go to the house they're building as I couldn't leave my bike and didn't want to carry it all that way, but I will try and get some better shots at some point. I won't be auditioning as an extra as I'm out of town that day.
6th May 2009, 13:29   comments (4)

This is today's prescription. What are t

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This is today's prescription. What are they telling me?
5th May 2009, 21:41   comments (7)