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Welcome, this is my moblog space. I first blogged to this site back in August 2005....

I have taken various images with my trusty Pocket PC's, an i-mate PDA2k EVDO on the Telstra network in the land of Oz and most recently (2 yrs) my imate JASJAM.


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Andrew Park
15th Nov 2005, 23:34   comments (0)

IR distress

(viewed 462 times)
our aussie flag knows our distress over johny bush-howard's IR reform.
15th Nov 2005, 03:54   comments (1)

Hard at it

(viewed 395 times)
here?s the lads hard at it.....
15th Nov 2005, 00:46   comments (0)

In there

(viewed 339 times)
1 daughter in this crowd, I think. Maybe she has walked home and I am sitting here for no reason, maybe I should leave...
14th Nov 2005, 08:27   comments (0)

Salt n peper

(viewed 397 times)
What can I say
14th Nov 2005, 08:10   comments (0)


(viewed 400 times)
say no more
14th Nov 2005, 07:49   comments (0)

Huge knife in da gob

(viewed 386 times)
This lad is doing some cool stunts
14th Nov 2005, 07:48   comments (0)

Wispa awards

(viewed 411 times)
Now I knoiw why, wispa awards night.....what a good father...
14th Nov 2005, 07:41   comments (0)