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Hello and welcome to the blog. This was originally set up as a temporary blog to see if the system works and whether we can use it within school, but it has become so popular with the children that it is now a permanent fixture in our class!

We use it to display our work and write our own thoughts, feelings and comments about what we have done at school.

The first photos published were from our visit to Gibraltar Point back in 2008. We all had a great time and even the weather stayed fine!

Please feel free to comment on the photos and your time on the visit but please DO NOT leave your email addresses or your surnames with your comments.

Also, these photos belong to the blog owner and must not be downloaded, copied or uploaded onto other social networking sites (Facebook etc). They are for school use only.

Thanks a lot and enjoy!

Mr S

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Flame testing different metals

In the flame test the metals burnt all different colours.
What colour was copper?
What colour was potassium?
What colour was sodium?
What colour was calcium?
2nd Jun 2009, 17:28   comments (4)

Year 5 development day at Robert Pattinson School

Here we are on a Year 5 day at RP School. We went on a guided tour of the school including their new garden!
2nd Jun 2009, 17:03   comments (4)

Forensic science

We had to use Bunsen burners and flame tests to see who had committed a crime. All very exciting as we had not used Bunsen burners before!!
2nd Jun 2009, 17:02   comments (4)

A visit by the planetarium

(viewed 331 times)
We had a great afternoon when we had a visiting planetarium. We had a look at different planets and the night sky trying to spot the star constalations.
1st Jun 2009, 15:44   comments (6)

The Quiet Man part 2

(viewed 291 times)
In his Quiet Man film, John Foxx shows the life of an everyday man undertaking his everyday activities. We have tried to replicate this by filming the everyday life of a child. We have tried not to show the child’s face because we wanted to give the impression that the child in the film could be anyone.
24th May 2009, 08:38   comments (2)

The Quiet Man Part 1

(viewed 369 times)
As part of Arts Week 2009, our class made a film using the film making techniques learnt with Martin from Creative Forum.

The film was based on The Quiet Man film by John Foxx (artist, musician, film maker and university lecturer)and was written by the class. They also sorted out all the costumes, props and locations for filming.

The film was shot in about 2 hours and edited to look old and distorted using lots of different effects.

A special mention should go to Harry and James who were our lead actors. Can you tell who is playing which part?

Hannah and Aidan recorded the narration in one 7 minute take, first time, without a mistake - amazing!!

Oliver helped with the filming and organising of the shoot.

Everyone played their part and was a real star!!

Thanks to everyone. We hope you enjoy our Quiet Man film!
24th May 2009, 00:57   comments (4)

Art Exhibition 2009

To celebrate all the school had done in Arts Week, we held an exhibition in the hall on Friday night to show our achievements. It was really nice to see lots of parents there and hear their positive comments about everyone's work. A great week had by everybody!
23rd May 2009, 23:49   comments (4)

Filming with Martin

Here we are filming with Martin. We are interviewing the teachers and children at school to find out what they think is special about school for our celebration video.
23rd May 2009, 23:39   comments (1)