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Hello and welcome to the blog. This was originally set up as a temporary blog to see if the system works and whether we can use it within school, but it has become so popular with the children that it is now a permanent fixture in our class!

We use it to display our work and write our own thoughts, feelings and comments about what we have done at school.

The first photos published were from our visit to Gibraltar Point back in 2008. We all had a great time and even the weather stayed fine!

Please feel free to comment on the photos and your time on the visit but please DO NOT leave your email addresses or your surnames with your comments.

Also, these photos belong to the blog owner and must not be downloaded, copied or uploaded onto other social networking sites (Facebook etc). They are for school use only.

Thanks a lot and enjoy!

Mr S

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Drawing our family

Here we are drawing our families.
4th Sep 2009, 16:57   comments (5)

Our first day together

Here we are back for a new school year. Our main focus for this term is the Tudors. We worked together to make concept maps of what we know already about the them.
What facts do you know about the Tudors?
What would you like to learn about the Tudors?
3rd Sep 2009, 15:57   comments (2)

The cds are on their way

(viewed 344 times)
Coming to a house near you on, hopefully, Thursday delivered by Postman Pat are your cds which contain your ICT work and loads of photos from this year.
Hope you enjoy them!
Have a great holiday!
Mr S
29th Jul 2009, 15:57   comments (7)

Look what I found at school!!!

(viewed 386 times)
Found this rather old video file after searching through lots of old folders.

Can you believe this was over 4 years ago!!

Have you changed?!?

Mr S
21st Jul 2009, 10:05   comments (6)

The end of an era!

Here are some photos of the now empty classroom waiting for the builders to start work changing the areas into the children's centre.

It will be very interesting to see what the old and new classroom areas will look like when we come back in September.

Looking forward to watching these developments over the next year.
20th Jul 2009, 23:55   comments (5)

Presents for Mr S!!

(viewed 319 times)
Thank you so much to all the children and parents who sent me cards and gave me presents as the year ended. These were really kind and very much appreciated.

Thanks to all the parents for all their support over the year and a MASSIVE thank you to all the children for making this year so wonderfully fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and we all had a great time learning so many different things.

20th Jul 2009, 23:45   comments (2)

Playing games on the last day of term

Here we are playing games on our last afternoon together.
20th Jul 2009, 23:27   comments (1)

A message to Martin

(viewed 370 times)
We sent a final message to Martin, our film making friend, from Creative Forum to thank him for all his help over the year.

It would be lovely to work with him again next year.
20th Jul 2009, 23:22   comments (0)