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The Challenge
To take a picture of myself every day for the next 365 days. I will also be adding random stats and hopefully improving them along with myself over the next year. I also update my normal moblog (Much Randomness) quite often.

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(viewed 423 times)
Here's yesterdays that didn't get posted.

10th Jan 2008, 09:57   | tags:,comments (1)


(viewed 492 times)
Didn't i read somewhere that this is a global 'goodtimes' symbol apart from brazil or somewhere?

(and yes i knowi promised a change but this is with my 50mm prime and i didn't want to start swapping lenses)
9th Jan 2008, 00:08   | tags:,comments (0)


(viewed 435 times)
i think this turned out pretty well, and i think that'll be the last of the full headshots for a while.

7th Jan 2008, 23:33   | tags:,comments (2)


(viewed 430 times)
Eyes are fab
6th Jan 2008, 23:06   | tags:,comments (4)


(viewed 453 times)
6th Jan 2008, 00:15   | tags:,comments (1)


(viewed 473 times)
I do like the jaunty angle, and the monochrome.
5th Jan 2008, 00:31   | tags:,comments (1)

Bedtime Reading

(viewed 570 times)
Can't beat a bit of literature before sleep.

4th Jan 2008, 09:09   | tags:,comments (1)

First Commute

(viewed 435 times)
3rd Jan 2008, 07:54   | tags:,comments (1)