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hdr snow. the top two were shot at midnight.
5th Feb 2012, 09:32   | tags:,comments (3)


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Stands for Horse Dynamic Range.

Shot with HDR Pro Camera for Android.
23rd Jan 2012, 15:25   | tags:comments (10)

this cake is PURPLE

(viewed 1193 times)
Because it is made with BEETROOT.

Also, no fat or eggs and very little sugar. It's quite dense, but very soft and moist so I'm calling 'win' on this one.
20th Jan 2012, 09:11   | tags:comments (17)


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silly dog.
10th Jan 2012, 15:16   | tags:comments (9)

race against tim / italian crack

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13th Dec 2011, 11:02   comments (2)


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The annual tradition continues
6th Nov 2011, 16:30   | tags:,comments (2)

Monster Mower

An eBay bargain which turned out to be somewhat (a LOT) bigger than expected.

Before, after, labelled ignition switch, in action. It's as least as much fun as it looks.
7th Jun 2011, 12:34   | tags:comments (5)

media centre PC

Had this system for a while, but it was kicking around in an old-ass ATX box behind the TV. A room-reshuffle has made it more visible, so decided to spruce up it's case a bit.

Bought an old radio from local junk antique shop for £25. Ripped it's guts out and replicated it's back panel in MDF. Mounted computer on aforementioned panel. The copper strips with wires going to them are surface mount LEDs. Note acoustically decoupled disk drive to minimise noise (yes, elastic bands tied in knots). That huge fan is the quietest on the market, it's inaudible from more than about 10cm away.

Slot it all in and power up. Need to reattach the tuning/volume knobs, but apart from that, boof.
16th May 2011, 18:30   | tags:,,comments (8)