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patterns on the pavement

(viewed 1542 times)
6th May 2006, 21:33   | tags:,,comments (1)

our shed brings all the boys to the yard

(viewed 2248 times)
damn right, it's better than yours...
4th May 2006, 15:58   | tags:,,comments (28)

no escape in sight

(viewed 1528 times)
As we know from tests on American GIs during the korean war, sleep deprivation is a one way ticket to temporary psychosis. the final episode starts now.
1st May 2006, 02:53   | tags:,comments (8)

episode twelve

(viewed 1432 times)
and we're onto the last bag of doughnuts. Our special agent has just remembered something important...
30th Apr 2006, 04:31   | tags:,comments (5)

and so it begins...

(viewed 1612 times)
One long weekend. All of Twin Peaks, back to back. See you tuesday...
29th Apr 2006, 15:52   | tags:,comments (7)


(viewed 1879 times)
28th Apr 2006, 08:24   | tags:,comments (27)

seeing in the day

(viewed 3482 times)
up all night again, for various reasons - some beyond my control, some not. oh joy. still, dawn is pretty.

re: the last photo - who can guess how many blades the aperture diaphragm on my new lens has? :)
28th Apr 2006, 05:52   | tags:,,,,comments (7)

this will be interesting

(viewed 1565 times)
I've been suspicious of DM for ages. It's always sounded like a cludge to me - our theory of gravity doesn't work at very large scales. So, which is more likely: the universe is rammed full of this weird, non-interactive dark matter that we can't detect; or our theory of gravity (a theory nearly 300 years old) isn't quite right?

I'll leave it to you to apply Occams razor.
27th Apr 2006, 16:17   | tags:,comments (7)