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riiight. good. I'll pay an extra few quid for that then.
3rd Aug 2006, 14:33   comments (0)

Free Wifi - cashback!

(viewed 1062 times)
Up yours, London. Norwich now has free wifi everywhere.

full story
2nd Aug 2006, 13:59   | tags:comments (19)


(viewed 1461 times)
there's a reason this box is nearly empty. After Eight Irish Creams.*drool*
1st Aug 2006, 20:29   | tags:,comments (15)


(viewed 1292 times)
31st Jul 2006, 18:25   | tags:,comments (4)

eye eye

(viewed 752 times)
image processing on the W800.. (tint/contrast)
31st Jul 2006, 11:49   comments (1)

arctic fire

(viewed 900 times)
light black leaf tea flavoured with some kind of crazy blue jungle flowers. smells wonderful, tastes delicious.
29th Jul 2006, 17:11   | tags:comments (8)

Comparison Bloody Shopping

(viewed 1901 times)
I think I can save money on my phone bill with a new tariff/provider. but it's so confusing, I don't really know. Look, I had to make a table with my terrible handwriting and do maths and everything. I'm still not sure what's going on.

it's pretty clear that Orange are WELL PRICEY though. Probably going elsewhere. Vodafone maybe, or Three.

29th Jul 2006, 17:10   | tags:,comments (29)


(viewed 1337 times)
Elvis was (p/cl)awing at my arm (he's after food again). turned out to feel really nice. stopped my left arm hurting for a good few minutes.

not sure how to convince him to do it again.
28th Jul 2006, 19:02   | tags:,comments (7)