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17th Aug 2006, 00:35   | tags:,comments (1)

ball on a breaking cloud wave

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with apologies to Hokusai.
16th Aug 2006, 05:25   | tags:,comments (5)


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mmmmm, usable. Mezzo Desktop is pretty ace. I'd certainly welcome more computers working this way.
16th Aug 2006, 05:24   | tags:,,,comments (11)

sausage, chips and gravy

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Just my way of saying "fuck you, arteries"
15th Aug 2006, 22:51   | tags:,comments (13)


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bought summer of '99 for 50p, has lived in three gardens since, never knowingly reinflated.

still going strong.
15th Aug 2006, 17:47   | tags:,,comments (5)

here be computers

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old photo from some time ago..
15th Aug 2006, 04:47   comments (1)

hello London?

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Hello? Are you there London?

we have new server touchdown at 00:32 GMT. The eagle has landed. Repeat, the eagle has landed.

Welcome to our new, faster, more reliable server. This picture is of the final file transfer, which took almost less time than my phone took to focus..

For the techies, the main syncing of the site's data files took place late last week (and every 12 hours since), and clocked in at around 700KB/s (max speed on old server's link). The best I've seen to the new box is 7MB/s (yes, that's megabytes per second) from the uk debian mirrors. So it's quick. Oh boy is it quick. Dual Xeon cpus, with 2GB of fast RAM and a nice phat RAID1 array running ReiserFS under Debian Linux. Apache 2, PHP5, MySQL5. Tasty.
15th Aug 2006, 01:32   | tags:comments (31)

it's a bit crowded

(viewed 1338 times)
there's not *ahem* much room
14th Aug 2006, 17:47   | tags:,,comments (4)