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R2 demands food

(viewed 1350 times)
which isn't normal, for a robot.

silly R2.
24th Aug 2006, 04:49   | tags:,,comments (1)

bedroom UFO

(viewed 1241 times)
23rd Aug 2006, 19:00   | tags:,comments (3)

meter study

(viewed 793 times)
22nd Aug 2006, 19:00   | tags:,comments (1)


(viewed 863 times)
22nd Aug 2006, 18:55   | tags:,,comments (0)

Vodafone Are Lying Bastards

(viewed 3201 times)
So, I signed up with Vodafone on two main points:

I could use any combination of 250 SMS, 83 MMS or 12Mb of data every month, included in my price plan.

I could change my tariff after six months.

Now, it turns out that they're stopping the first one in September (not that anyone told me that), and I can't change my tariff until after nine months, despite being specifically told otherwise by the sales guy. Apparantly, nobody at Vodafone can do anything about this, only whine about how I should have been told and they're very sorry. I don't fucking want sorry, I want to have the deal I agreed to.

I am so fucking angry. I'm mere centimetres from cancelling my contract.
22nd Aug 2006, 13:54   comments (42)

Yarmouth? You can't handle Yarmouth...

In shocking news, I don't have ME/CFS. Good job I drove halfway across the county to find that out.
22nd Aug 2006, 13:02   | tags:,,comments (15)


(viewed 1565 times)
22nd Aug 2006, 01:30   | tags:,,comments (13)

Three operating systems running at once

(viewed 894 times)
Blue window is CentOS, green is Suse, Debian is hosting. Should I install Xen (the virtualisation software currently running from a LiveCD), there's no reason those windows can't be onto running copies of Windows, BeOS, OS/2 or anything else I desire.

Xen Source is 'ardcore. and it's core is only 50,000 lines of code. and free.
19th Aug 2006, 21:17   | tags:,,comments (6)