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rainbow over ziggurats

(viewed 1583 times)
mmmm. earlier in the year, before all the students came back.
14th Oct 2009, 12:54   | tags:,comments (3)

if you squint*

(viewed 939 times)
this cloud is more than a little rude.

* and have the mind of a five-year-old.
14th Oct 2009, 12:46   comments (4)

stick it in

(viewed 1292 times)
Catering syringe. Used yesterday to inject hot jam into small dough balls before steaming and frying and tossing in sugar.

needs some refinement, but getting there.
14th Oct 2009, 12:38   | tags:comments (0)

ball's up

(viewed 814 times)
glittery insidey semi-squishy polycarb and gel balls are fun. purdy in the sun too.
14th Oct 2009, 12:33   comments (2)

shoot first

(viewed 863 times)
ask questions later, where practicable.
13th Oct 2009, 12:49   comments (1)

gardening for five year olds

(viewed 1506 times)
We have roughly 200 metres of hedge and it all needs cutting and this one short section is the only bit that's not massively (5 metres!) tall. I'm averaging about 3 metres a day at the moment. It's hard work.
2nd Oct 2009, 14:32   | tags:,comments (5)

head right

(viewed 782 times)
for win?
2nd Oct 2009, 14:27   comments (0)


(viewed 831 times)
After one tank, 34 litres. Not so good.

Need to enjoy acceleration less. I'm OK on my own, but I don't like being overtaken, and I do enjoy getting into races where it's safe to do so and the other person is up for it.

see also
2nd Oct 2009, 14:26   | tags:comments (0)