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For Belf..

(viewed 1372 times)
17th Jun 2005, 14:15   | tags:comments (9)

Hot pink double decker

(viewed 7781 times)
17th Jun 2005, 13:57   | tags:,comments (17)

Snacks! Things to read! Badge!

(viewed 1694 times)
I'm slightly scared by "hot and salted tamarind pulp" as a snack food. Not one for before breakfast, I think.

Alexis is teh c00L. and exceedingly good at packaging.
16th Jun 2005, 11:32   | tags:,comments (13)

How exciting!

(viewed 1496 times)
Also, it amuses me that international packages are labelled in English and French. I've got nothing against the French (quality food, socialism and long lunch breaks are OK by me) but how did they get that gig? It's not like /that/ many places speak French (Chinese/English or Spanish/English would be a safer bet for maximum worldwide understandability)

Customs declarations are the same - english/french.. I bet there's History waiting to be learned right there.
16th Jun 2005, 11:14   | tags:,,comments (9)

Fisheye fish

(viewed 3798 times)
15th Jun 2005, 21:16   | tags:,comments (4)


(viewed 1313 times)
15th Jun 2005, 17:50   | tags:comments (8)

fisheye flowers

(viewed 1549 times)
this is fun..
15th Jun 2005, 17:45   | tags:,,,comments (0)

new toy

(viewed 1090 times)
Super-wide angle/macro adaptor for my phone...
15th Jun 2005, 15:38   | tags:,,comments (10)