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I'm not quite gone yet.

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Must.. Not.. Fall.. Asleep

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In an effort to add to the blog, with a new memory card for my camera on order, it mysteriously failed recently, perhaps from all the recent use -- I'm trying to find interesting photos I've taken over the course of the last year or so, that I neurotically keep cataloged - SO. Blond dog laying on store front tile in Key West, still life in bytes.
21st Jan 2005, 12:54   comments (6)

holy sea horses batman!

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One of the many interesting creatures at the Audubon of Americas
Aquarium in New Orleans.
20th Jan 2005, 15:09   comments (1)


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The giant monster Clarence T. Cat is sleeping, we shall not wake him lest WE suffer his wrath!!
15th Jan 2005, 19:39   comments (0)

One more of the girls!

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To be fair, I thought I'd add one more of Carlin and Lynn!
13th Jan 2005, 17:26   comments (1)

And this is tomorrow :

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Please disregard the hot-wing juice coated tea towel on the far left side of the cocktail table. Bighead refuses to carry it to the laundry. So this is party central for Tuesday, this and writing the Thank-You's from the wedding gifts. Ta.
11th Jan 2005, 04:55   comments (0)

The fruits of today's labour :

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From the wedding, the wedding gifts, the company, the family, everyone and everything that's been chaotic these last few weeks, my kitchen was really suffering. So here's the results of this afternoon's project, I hope the FlyLady sees this and it is up to her standards. Actually, these pictures are for my Mom, to prove to her I actually cleaned! (Side note: the slightly unhappy yet cute rather thin girl sitting at my island is Mindee, our houseguest. =)
11th Jan 2005, 04:51   comments (1)

By now.. I'm starting to get nervous!

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This is it. We're on the way up. Did you know the Skyway is the 2nd most jumped from bridge in the world?!

Check out http://www.jumperpool.com/
10th Jan 2005, 15:40   comments (3)

Closer View of the Skyway

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None of these snaps really do the size of the bridge justice, it's
massive. And unfortunately I wasn't able to snap any of the windsurfers either.
10th Jan 2005, 15:35   comments (0)