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I'm not quite gone yet.

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you want me to move so you can vacuum? i don't think so lady.
10th Mar 2005, 13:58   comments (0)

shh, i'm tired.

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6th Mar 2005, 21:45   comments (2)

the folly of having a genius scientist for a husband

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complete disorganization
6th Mar 2005, 19:16   comments (0)

best cough meds

(viewed 984 times)
Are ones with codeine, however.. Robitussin comes in second, except of course, when it expired a year ago! Damn bachelors.
6th Mar 2005, 19:13   comments (1)

can't leave out Clarence

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He's the Frank Sinatra of cats. (Although he's cross-eyed and mostly
6th Mar 2005, 18:17   comments (1)


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Bighead bought me a Nikon CoolPix E4100! And just in time too, I'm going on holiday in about a week. Yay! Unfortunately it takes gigantic pictures, but I also got a snazzy 1GB SD card to hold them, hopefully I'll figure out how to adjust the settings and get it to snap normal human sized photos. This, of course, is noodlebutt, laying by my purse in the living room. This camera is incredibly small and lightweight, hard to believe something this small is this powerful. Yay new camera!!
6th Mar 2005, 18:12   comments (0)

I wanted to put this on the inside cover of my new book --

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But the publisher will probably say no.
27th Feb 2005, 04:01   comments (0)

And this is his usual perch --

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unless the sliding door is ajar.
27th Feb 2005, 04:00   comments (0)