Birth, Death and Underwear

by ladislav

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Things. Stuff.

I also have some higher-res photos here, taken with a real digital camera :)

Hypothetical: Like a virtual pub!

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Pimm's no. 3

(viewed 1024 times)
Found in my local supermarket! I've been looking for Pimm's no. [^1] for years...
1st Apr 2006, 14:43   comments (3)

Mmmm, fire...

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29th Mar 2006, 21:30   comments (1)

Piratical mathematics

(viewed 870 times)
We're vaguely planning a colloquium for Talk Like A Pirate Day...
28th Mar 2006, 10:45   comments (5)

Street furniture

(viewed 899 times)
25th Mar 2006, 00:10   comments (2)


(viewed 780 times)
24th Mar 2006, 12:06   comments (0)

I, for one...

(viewed 859 times)
...welcome our new polythene-piercing betentacled potato overlords.
23rd Mar 2006, 22:33   comments (3)


(viewed 794 times)
22nd Mar 2006, 12:15   comments (0)

I, for one...

(viewed 868 times)
...welcome our new tentacled potato overlords
20th Mar 2006, 22:48   comments (3)